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Join the Guo Hua Therapy and Consultation Centre Family


Occupational Therapist / Speech Therapist / Educational Therapist

  • Recognized degree / diploma in Occupational Therapy

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills

Company Overview

Guo Hua Therapy and Consultation is a friendly private therapy center established in March 2017, offering services for children aged 1 through 21 years. We offer occupational therapy, speech therapy for children with a variety of challenges. Common difficulties among our clientele include developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, learning difficulties, sensory processing disorders, communication difficulties and emotional problems. Our professional team of talented and enthusiastic therapists is committed to providing the children with most appropriate therapy approaches.


Why Join Us?

Our team will endeavour to work closely with both the family and other professionals involved in your child's well being. We work in a small, child friendly clinic designed specifically for therapy purposes. 


Our experienced therapists come from diverse backgrounds. They have worked in a variety of settings both locally and overseas including schools and private practices.


All are committed to professional development and are continually attending workshops and talks relevant to their areas of practice.

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