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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is functional treatment?

The function is that each person plays a meaningful role in his life, and the function is that each person performs a targeted activity. Physical health and quality of life are all areas of functional therapy. Through the participation of the activities, functional therapists helped to restore the ability of the case; through the adjustment of the environment, the quality of life expected by the case was reached.

2.Functional therapy is sensory integration treatment?

Sensory integration therapy is a multi-skill intervention in one of the ways. For sensory adjustment problems, children who feel they are dealing with disorders are supported and assisted.

3.How do you treat my child?

Each child is an independent individual, so after evaluating each child's ability to develop, select the appropriate intervention to give treatment. These include floor time (DIR), sensory integration, visual perception training, writing training, therapeutic music.

4.Does my child need treatment?

If your child can not adapt to each situation, is under a lot of pressure, or has a significant difference from the same age group, affecting the performance of his life, we will advise him to seek professional assessment, and then decide whether Need treatment.

5.My child can not be assessed, do the treatment directly?

Assessment is an integral part of treatment. Therapists, through standardized professional assessment, analyze the child's strengths and weaknesses in order to set appropriate treatment goals and individualized treatment courses.

6.How long does it take for my child to heal?
Children's neurological systems are malleable, but changing the nervous system takes time, patience and persistence, so we see the progress of children at different stages. The problems that children in need of assistance encounter at different stages are different. Our main goal is to solve the problems confronting children at all stages.
7.How do I arrange a functional treatment assessment?

Contact us via phone or E-mail and we will do our best to assist you.

8.I heard that a certain therapist is better, can I let him / her do assessment / treatment for my child?

Each therapist has a Bachelor's degree recognized by the World Society for Functional Therapy, as well as standard in-house training. We believe that mutual trust with parents is the key to the most effective treatment.

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