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Busy board (60cm x 45cm) is suitable for babies who can sit up independently and toddlers. Each board comes with 17 activities to stimulate your little ones and keep them busy. 


By working on vertical sufaces, your little ones can develop greater strength and flexibility in their shoulders and arms, which will help in their writing abilities. Activities on the board can also develop their fine motor skills and help them learn important life skills.


Each board is individually and intricately hand-crafted. Boards are also painted with child-safe non-toxic paints. 


Estimates 2weeks to  complete, handmade and rest assured that all edges are round and polished by sandpaper + apply a thin layer of Bee Wax wood seasoning for protection 


Reminder, all busyboard are requires supervision. 

Dear parents, please make time to play with your kid💕


*Base is Solid Pine Wood from NZ

Busy Board- House 03

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