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Educational Therapy

Ms Usha

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Usha has 6 years of experience helping children with learning difficulties and their families to be equipped with skills required for daily living and learning. She has directed school readiness programmes together with a team of allied health professionals and special education teachers. She has successfully coached students to transit into mainstream or special education schools who were otherwise not qualified for entry using evidence based cognitive development assessment and intervention methods.

Having been influenced and trained in the belief that a person’s cognitive functions can be altered regardless of age, or genetic make-up at a “structural” level when provided a conducive learning environment, Usha utilises the concept of Mediated Learning Environment to engage with students and allow them to learn at their own pace strengthening their cognitive development and also develop better social skills.

An advocate for inclusive education, Usha is a registered Educational Therapist with RETA (Register of Education Therapist - Asia). She is currently pursuing her Master in Education at National Institute of Education.

Feurstein Instrumental Enrichment Mediator Level 1 Feurstein Instrumental Enrichment Tactile Mediator

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